About Us

Rockin' M: A Farming Legacy Rooted in the Beauty of Mississippi\par

At Rockin' M, our family has been raising cattle in the heart of Mississippi for almost 100 years. Our farm is secluded in the middle of the state, surrounded by rolling hills, towering trees, and wide open pastures full of lush grass. Our cows enjoy a stress-free environment with plenty of shade from the trees during hot summer days.\par

We believe that happy cows produce the best beef, and we're committed to ensuring that our cows live a comfortable and contented life. Our cows graze on natural grasses and drink pure water that's fed from the natural springs or off-grid water wells to ensure the highest quality. This commitment to natural and sustainable farming practices sets us apart from other beef producers.\par

When you taste our beef, you'll notice the rich, buttery flavor of our ribeye steaks, the tender, juicy texture of our filet mignon, and the savory goodness of our chuck roast and stew meat. Our Angus/angus influence cattle are primarily grass-fed and finish with a small amount of grain to produce lean meat with better flavor. The grain consists of a special blend from our local COOP, which we find to be the right amount to produce the perfect marbling.\par

At Rockin' M, we take pride in our history and heritage, and we're dedicated to continuing the legacy that our ancestors began almost a century ago. Our commitment to quality and sustainability has made us one of the leading grass-fed beef farms in the industry. We ship our beef all over the Southeast, so no matter where you are, you can enjoy the taste of our farm-raised beef.\par

Our farm is not just a place where we raise cattle, it's a way of life. We believe in treating our animals and the land with respect, and we're constantly looking for ways to improve our farming practices to ensure that we're doing our part to preserve the beauty of Mississippi for future generations. When you taste our beef, you'll experience the flavor of our commitment to quality and sustainability.\par

We hope you'll consider trying our Rockin' Box, which includes a variety of delicious cuts of beef, including ribeye, filet mignon, New York strip, sirloin, chuck roast, stew meat, and premium ground beef. You won't be disappointed in the quality and flavor of our beef - it's truly a taste of Mississippi at its finest.